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What is the correct way to clean your suit?

We all love our suits and why not, it is the thing which gives a perfect look in meetings, offices and parties. Our suit witnesses many unforgettable moments of our lives.

Suits are important garment in our lives, so they need proper care and maintenance. Unknowingly we don’t take good care of our suit and that’s why it loses its impressive look and fitting.

Suit cleaning in #Cambridge

We should always use a suit brush after every use to keep our suit in its best condition. We should use the brush downwards only. Brushing removes dirt and unseen particles from the fabric.

Second thing, we should use a good hanger for hanging our suit. A right hanger play an important role in maintaining its shape and fitting.

When suit isn’t in use, we should store it in a suit bag. A cloth bag is suggested for this purpose so that our suit can breathe and stays protected from moth and wrinkles.

After several uses, suit needs dry cleaning. Only a professional dry cleaner can clean a suit in a best way.

Dry cleaning excellently removes greasy marks, minimises the chance of shrinkage, discoloration and distortion of the textile.

In the process of dry cleaning organic solvents are used instead of water and thus only certified professionals can handle and allowed to do dry cleaning with great care and controlled environmental conditions.

We at Farthings Cambridge take good care of all types of suits and tuxedo. Our professionals have 25 years of experience in dry cleaning.

At Farthings, we use highly purified solvent for dry cleaning and special spot cleaning products for removing different types of stains for the best outcome.

We also provide ironing/steaming service for suits for a better hand finish.

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