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Jacket cleaning in Cambridge

Jacket is an essential garment in winter. Jacket not only provides warmth but also a nice look.

A good jacket lasts for decades if cared properly. We spend good amount of money on buying a good jacket and don’t want to damage it by washing in a wrong way.

Some of our jackets can be washed in machine at home while others are for dry clean only.

jacket cleaning in Cambridge

Washing instructions are generally written on the care labels provided inside. We must follow the care label instructions for appropriate cleaning our jacket.

Generally, people are scared to clean their jackets at home and it is really a tedious job. Sometimes we take chance of cleaning a puffer jacket at home and we end up with making lumps in it.

Only a professional can clean a jacket appropriately to maintain their shape and cosiness.

We Farthings Cambridge offer best cleaning service for all kinds of jackets. Whether it is a light puffer jacket or heavy parka or leather jacket, we take good care of all type of jackets.

We use special cleaning products for removing stains, dirt and oil marks from jackets. We also provide reproofing service for jackets. It protects them from snow and rain.

We have expert tailors who can do all necessary repairs and give a new life to your jacket. So, for this winter get your jacket cleaned today at Farthings Cambridge.

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