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Metallic clothes cleaning in Cambridge

The fabric with metallic yarns is called Lamé. Metallic clothes were well famed in old Hollywood glamour but still today it is used for shimmer look.

Earlier metal yarns are used in combination with other fabrics in different proportions to make metallic fabric, but in recent times metal coated polyester or nylon is used instead of original gold, silver or copper thread.

Metallic clothes cleaning Cambridge

When first produced, it was only available in gold, silver or copper colour, but now different shades are available.

Nowadays, metallic clothes are available at a much cheaper price as it has become more and more popular and is now more widely produced.

Metallic fabric is not only used in making garments but also in handbags, accessories, decorations and in upholstery.

Proper care and maintenance of metallic garments is very important to keep their shine and maintain the look of the item for longer.

At Farthings Cambridge, we take best care of metallic clothes. We follow care label instructions and wash them accordingly to keep their shine longer.

Our proficient cleaners use suitable cleaning products and procedures for removing stains on metallic garments.

So, please do not hesitate to bring your metallic garments to us for proper professional cleaning.

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