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Velvet clothes cleaning in Cambridge

Velvet clothes always give royal look. In fact, it’s been known as fabric of royalty. During old time, blue velvet was exclusively for French king and his family.

Velvet is a luxury fabric liked by everyone especially ladies. Now days crushed velvet is also in vogue. Velvet dresses give a royal look with a cosy feel in winter.

velvet clothes cleaning in Cambridge

Velvet is either rayon or silk or a mixture of both. Sometimes, it is cotton or polyester but when it is cotton or polyester, we use another term: velveteen.

For making velvet, two layers of fabric are woven together with an interlaced yarn. To keep the fabric piles, erect and resilient, finishes are applied. It gives strength to the fabric.

Velvet is a delicate fabric therefore must be taken care properly for longer life span. We should hang our velvet garments in a well aerated closet and cleaned them as soon as possible after use.

We should use mild detergents and never use pressure on our wet velvet clothes as pressure can damage the piles. Ironing is also not recommended for velvet attires.

If not treated properly, velvet clothes can flatten or shrink very easily.

At Farthings Cambridge we take best care of your precious velvet clothes. Our expert cleaners use special cleaning products for removing stains on velvet garments.

So, feel free to bring your velvet outfits to us for proper care and cleaning.

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