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School uniform cleaning in Cambridge

After long summer holidays, school are about to open again. Children are excited to go back to school and play with their friends.

Our kids do many activities and art & craft work at School, so it is obvious that their uniform get stains and dirt.

Sometimes school uniform needs repair and alteration as well. We all prefer to get it repaired instead of buying new one for our growing kids.

School uniform cleaning in Cambridge

Our children had loads of fun during last term and the school uniform was neglected over the long summer holidays, now it’s high time to emphasise on it.

A clean and nicely ironed school uniform makes your child love their school life more. The clean uniform not only gives a positive vibe to your kids but also enhance their reputation amongst their friends and teachers.

In a neat and clean uniform kids not only feel more confident and learns better but also stay away from harmful germs.

At Farthings Cambridge, we do all types of cleaning for school uniform. We also do necessary repairs and alterations.

Most of our repairs are invisible and it is hard to say that it has been repaired.

For a fresh, clean and tidy uniform bring your it to Farthings Cambridge today and we will give it back to you after perfect cleaning and ironing.

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