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Why do we need upholstery cleaning?

Like our day to day clothes and bedding our upholstery needs cleaning. The clean upholstery makes our house fresh, cheerful and sparkling.

When we do not clean our upholstery for a long time, it gets a lot of dirt, dust, allergens, bad smell and pet dander etc.

loose cover cleaning in Cambridge

Dirty upholstery gives birth to many bacteria which can be very dangerous for our health. Uncleaned upholstery also holds odour of food stains, mold, dirt, pet hair and pet urine etc.

The regular cleaning of upholstery reduces any chance of infection and allergy. The clean upholstery not only makes the clean environment but also fills positive energy in the house.

We understand the value of clean upholstery and works to improve it. We have modern cleaning machines and proficient cleaners who cleans your upholstery very well.

We use special cleaning products which removes most of the harmful bacteria and leaves a nice smell.

We Farthings Cambridge are professional upholstery and loose cover cleaners in Cambridge. We work with renowned cleaning company Art of Clean. We have been doing all types of soft furnishing care and cleaning for last 13 years.

We take good care of your upholstery and do our best to give it back without any loss of colour size and shape. So, Hurry! Don’t wait to ruin it with more dirt, get it cleaned with us today!

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