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Why cleaning clothes is important before storing them?

When weather starts getting warmer, we find our overcoats, jackets, jumpers and other woollen clothes useless and we need to keep them safe for next winter.

Packing and storing our winter clothes makes plenty of space for decorating our summer closet.

It is always recommended to clean our winter attires before storing them for the next season. Dirty and stains clothes attract insects and moths and can damage other clothes which can lead to deep regret. Dry cleaning before storing eliminates any chance of damage by insects.

Dry cleaning clothes before storing

The fresh stains are comparatively easy to remove but if we leave them for months stain and dirt goes inside the fabric and it becomes almost impossible to remove them completely.

We should not take risk of cleaning with our dry clean only clothes at home. Wet cleaning at home can ruin your favourite clothes by decolourising them or changing in shape and fitting etc.

We should approach to a good professional dry cleaner for our precious winter wears to avoid any chance of damage.

Professional dry cleaners use special cleaning products and different stain removers for different clothes and stains.

A perfect clean can remove unpleasant smell of sweat and stains from your clothes. Sometimes our clothes need little bit repair as well, which should also be done before storing them otherwise we feel very bad when we open it to wear it on the arrival of next winter.

We Farthings Cambridge are professional dry cleaners and we are doing it for last 25 years. We provide best dry cleaning and alteration services in Cambridge.

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