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Silk dress cleaning in Cambridge

Silk is a luxury natural fibre obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of mulberry silkworm. The process of silk synthesis is a slow process that's why silk is an expensive fabric.

Silk garments are very expensive and needs extra care and protection. Generally dry cleaning is recommended for silk garments but some of them can be hand washed as well.

Silk dress cleaning in Cambridge

Silk dresses are famous for their shine and softness since ancient time. We all love our silk dresses and never want to loose them.

Our favourite silk dresses needs experts care to last longer. Proper care and maintenance increases the life span of our silk garments.

Improper detergents can ruin our favourite designer silk dress.

We should use mild chemicals and detergents for cleaning silk clothes.

We should always seek an experts advise for cleaning our expensive silk dresses to avoid any damage on our favourite silk dress.

If you spilled something on your silk dress, you should visit a professional dry cleaner as soon as possible otherwise the food or drink can go inside the fabric and it can be very difficult to remove it.

We, Farthing Cambridge take good care of your silk garments and use appropriate cleaning products and suitable temperature for silk fabric.

We are expert at cleaning silk and have been cleaning silk for last 25 years.

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