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Curtain lining

Importance of curtains in our houses and offices cannot be underestimated.

Curtains keeps the light out and provide privacy. They not only protect us from prolong exposure of sunlight but also provide beautiful ambience to our house and fills our life with positive energy.

Whether we need to illuminate an area or create an ambience, curtains are the best decorative accessory to give a desired look. Hence, curtains are very important interior elements.

Curtain lining

If curtains made up of linen, they control temperature of our house. The linen curtains make our home warm in the cold season and vice versa.

We put in huge efforts in choosing interesting themes and patterns, designs, shape and styles of curtains for decorating our homes. Picking the right curtain lining is also very important.

The lined curtains protect us from exposure to direct sunlight which is detrimental to our health and belongings.

Spreading a thick lined curtain on windows at night maintains our privacy and helps us in having a good sleep. Basically, we have four types of curtains on the basis of lining. Unlined curtains- The curtain doesn't have any lining. Lined curtains- This type of curtains possess lining to protect us from bright sun light. Lining also gives enhanced look to our curtains. Interlined curtains- Interlined curtains contain thick lining. Lining stays in the centre like a sandwich. These curtains are very nice but a bit expensive. Blackout curtains-These curtains are used to darken our room. They don't allow light to pass through it. We can choose our curtains as per our need. In general, lined curtains always look better than unlined curtains. Curtains help in collecting all the dust and for a cherished feel. Dirty curtains make us irritated and depressed. We should clean our curtains at least once in two months.

A professional dry cleaner knows the exact cleaning process of curtains according to their colour, design and texture.

If you are wondering the perfect dry cleaning for your high quality, designer curtains, in Cambridge, Farthings Cambridge is the answer.

We, Farthings Cambridge, provide fast and finest dry-cleaning and ironing services for all types of curtains in Cambridge.

We also offer best curtain alteration services. So, this summer, get our curtains cleaned with us.

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