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Clothes repair and alteration in Cambridge

Today, we just want to let you know that we do repair and alteration for all garments. We also repair household: like curtain, cushion cover…

So what does it means to you?

Have you got a garment that needs repair? At the moment, you do not want to wear it and not using it because it needs repair.

You love the summer dress and the pink top that you want to wear at your next meeting… Do not through it away! Get is repair and use it again!

We have an expert in repair and alteration that will do everything from a small button to relining a full garment.

The great thing is that all garments repaired by us will not look like it has been repair. You will not be able to see where it has been repaired!

For further information on our repair and alteration services read our blog on repair and alteration.

Try us and we can guarantee you that you are going to be very happy!

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