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Stop moth eating your clothes

Moths usually live in dark places, like your wardrobe. They lay their eggs on wool, silk, cashmere, especially wool is the favourite substance for moth larvae to grow.

When you see moth or moth holes on your garment, you should clean your garments. For wool or cashmere, you need to take extra care so you should bring it to the expert dry cleaners.

CLEAN YOUR WARDROBE: the first thing which you should do is clean your wardrobe from top to bottoms, and even the ceiling. Do a thorough job of vacuuming and dusting, especially in the corners and any carpeted areas.

After cleaning, freeze your garments in a freezer. It will kill any larvae or moths in any of their developing stage. It is very efficient method.

Make sure if you've Washed your clothes first that they are completely dry before freezing them.

For keeping your clothes protected from moth use moth trap.

Even, if you don't have moth infection in your wardrobe you can use cedar wood. Cedar wood has strong smell and helps to protect your clothes from moth.

Cedar wood is 100 % natural and doesn't have any chemical side effect.

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