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Sheepskin rug cleaning in Cambridge

Rugs and carpets are the integral part of our home. A beautiful sheepskin rug increases the beauty of our home.

Sheepskin rugs are well-known for their natural beauty, stunning softness, density and woolly lustre. Mostly, we use them for seating, dressing or flooring.

Sheepskin rug cleaning in Cambridge

The sheepskin rugs are quite supple and soft and undeniably perfect to use as a throw, rug or a luxury dog blanket.

Washing type decides the life of a sheepskin rug. Machine or hand wash at home would certainly affect the appearance your high-quality sheepskin rug.

If you wash it at home, highly likely you are going to ruin the soft supple hide.

Drying in strong sun light or direct expose to UV light can damage the natural fibre of sheepskin rug.

We, Farthings Cambridge, delivers unbeatable rug cleaning services in Cambridge. We have well equipped machines and our proficient cleaners give best treatment for sheepskin rugs. We clean and protect rugs.

We are well known in Cambridgeshire and have been cleaning rugs for last 13 years. We believe, with our rug cleaning services, you will get 100% satisfaction.

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