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Wedding gown dry cleaning in Cambridge

Our wedding is one of memorable days of our lives. Wedding gown is the most important part of wedding. Its fabric, style and colour makes it a unique dress.

Most of us approach designers, and spend a lot of money, time and thoughts in selecting the wedding gown.

Wedding gown holds our golden memories and we all want to try to keep our them in good condition. We hope that someday our younger siblings or kids will express their desire to wear them on their wedding ceremony.

wedding gown cleaning in Cambridge

Ideally, a wedding gown should be cleaned soon after the marriage to preserve its original condition. If we wait for days or taking a risk of cleaning at home, it leads deep disappointment.

A proper cleaning and appropriate storage is must for wedding gown. Inappropriate maintenance and storage can cause serious damage to our delicate wedding gown.

Discolouration of fabric in certain areas because of the oxidation of stains is a commonly noticed problem.

Only a professional can clean your wedding gown appropriately and help you to protect it carefully for many years to come.

We, Farthings Cambridge, make the best possible effort and deliver the best wedding dress cleaning and preservation services in Cambridge. We understand the importance of your delicate wedding gown and precious feelings attached to it.

We have a team of textile specialists who examine the fabric and beads on wedding gown and do special cleaning by using eco-friendly mild chemicals which don’t affect the colour, texture and style of your wedding gown.

We also provide attractive beautiful, acid free storage boxes with acid free tissue paper for wedding gowns.

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