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Leather jacket cleaning in Cambridge

Leather jackets remain always in vogue.

We spend a plenty of money to buy branded leather jackets. We love them because of their fabulous style and uncomparable cosiness.

A good care and maintenance is must to keep leather jackets in their original condition for years to go.

Cleaning of leather jackets is a tedious job, which is something we cannot do at home.

Leather jackets are prone to shrink, crack and wrap if not treated properly.

Professional advice should be sought for cleaning and maintenance of leather jackets.

leather Jacket cleaning in Cambridge

We maintain shine and softness of your leather jackets. We, Farthings Cambridge, use special cleaning products and leather conditioning creams for leather jackets that remove stains, dirt and oil marks and provides soft touch to the leather.

We apply special leather conditioning cream keeps your leather jackets healthy and soft.

Our fully trained cleaners pay full attention to the colour, type of stain and grain of the leather. We reproof leather jackets as well to protect them from rain and snow.

We take good care of all types of leather and suede jackets (Leather blazers, leather jackets, leather reversible jackets, leather overcoats).

Our expert tailors do repair and alteration, who brings life in your exhausted leather jackets. So, for a perfect finish, try our leather and suede cleaning and alteration services in Cambridge.

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