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Why taking risk washing your dry cleanable clothes at home?

Clothes are the necessity of our lives. Humans have been using skins, grasses or clothes to hide their body since prehistoric time.

In the modern time, we all have a wardrobe comprising of favourite dresses and suits, which we don’t want to lose. Our valuable and designer clothes require intense cleaning with great care.

We often don’t follow the written instructions on care labels and wash our dry cleanable clothes with water at home and regret later. In this way we lose our valuable clothes for saving few pounds.

Dry cleaning is not like wet cleaning, which involves use of detergents and conditioning agents. We are not familiar with the procedure and risk involved in dry cleaning.

why taking risk dry cleaning at home?

Dry cleaning removes all the greasy marks and minimise the chances of discoloration, shrinkage and distortion of the clothes.

Dry cleaning involves use of chemical solvents (no water involved), which cannot be used in a bucket or washing machine at home. These chemicals could be very harmful for our health and environment, if not used responsibly.

Professional dry cleaners know the accurate procedure of using these solvents and possess licence by the government for use and proper disposal of these chemicals.

At Farthings Cambridge, we examine the fabric, dirt type and dry clean your clothes accordingly with great care. We use specialised modern equipments and highly purified solvents for dry cleaning.

We dry clean all types of fabric such as silks, woollens, linens, suede, and leather etc. and give them a best finish.

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