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How to wash cashmere

Cashmere is a type of luxury fibre obtained from hairs of cashmere goats. Cashmere wool is very soft and warm. Cashmere clothes are expensive and needs extra care and protection.

We love our cashmere clothes because of their softness and want them cleaned without stripping off their natural softness. The right way of washing makes cashmere even softer.

We all want our favourite cashmere clothes to last long as possible. Unsuitable detergents and drying method can ruin our expensive designer cashmere clothes.

So, we should not use harsh chemicals and detergents for washing cashmere.

Cashmere clothes cleaning

Cashmere clothes can have stuck stains very easily, we should never take risk of cleaning them at home instead we should go to a professional. Otherwise it would be very difficult to remove them.

In order to keep your designer cashmere clothes in their best condition, we, Farthing Cambridge take extra care of your cashmere garments.

We use suitable temperature of water, low alkaline detergent (Cashmere shampoo) and softeners. Our cleaning products are environment friendly, cleans deeply and maintains integrity of the fabric.

We dry them on mesh drying rack to maintain their shape. We are expert at cleaning cashmere and have been washing it for last 25 years.

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