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Laundry Symbols and their importance

When we buy clothes, our first concern is their maintenance. Care labels on clothes play a very important role.

Laundry symbols on care label, explains the accurate temperature and correct way of washing of our clothes. Therefore, care label acts as a guideline for increasing lifespan of our clothes.

Laundry symbols and their importance

Different fabric needs different treatment. The material or chemical components of fabric used in the garment decides the washing instructions.

They are different for daily use fabrics than a designer evening gown. Intricate work on designer garment needs special care to prevent them from damage.

If we wash our clothes without checking for their care labels, they could shrink or decolourise, which will ruin them completely.

It is better to check the laundry symbols and care instructions on care label inside of the garments, before washing clothes. It saves time and protects our clothes from any damage.

Laundry symbols are quite easy to understand and follow. They include washing and ironing instructions for the garments.

We at Farthings Cambridge, pay full attention to the laundry symbols and take care of your clothes accordingly. We really care about your designer wears and maintain them without damaging their colour, shape and fabric.

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