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Cleaning of ski wear in Cambridge

The ski season, which we have been waiting for so long, has finally arrived, as snow has started to occupy its place in various skiing resorts across Europe and northern parts of the UK.

Yes, it’s an impeccable time to gear up for an adventurous skiing activity. Let your soul set free to glide on snow-covered slopes and hills.

Hey! But in such an excitement don’t forget to ready your waterproof clothing and other accessories, such as hand gloves, neck-wears etc.

How to wash your ski wear?

Clean and fresh ski wears are not only critical to enhancing our piste enjoyment but also to make our pictures look great.

Always follow the care label.

You can usually wash your ski jacket or ski pants in a washing machine.

1- Empty your pockets.

2- Close all the zippers and velcro.

3- Turn the garment inside out.

4- Use a non-bio liquid (not powder) detergent if the ski wear is a dark colour.

5- Do not add any fabric softener

5- Select the wash cycle at 30˚C

6- Take out the clothes right after the end of the wash cycle.

We, at Farthings Cambridge, are specialised in cleaning all kinds of ski wear, including ski suits, jackets, salopettes, ski pants, ski trousers, thermals, ski base layers, gloves, caps, hats, neck-wear etc.

We also provide reproofing for ski wear which makes your ski wears waterproof and resistant to snow.

We do more than cleaning; we also offer repair and alteration services for ski clothes.

Come and see us at 143 Milton Road in Cambridge (01223 755 180) or 1 Anstey Way in Trumpington (012223 625 310). See you soon!

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