Cleaning and maintenance of ski wears in Cambridge

The ski-season, which we have been waiting for so long, has finally arrived, as snow has started to occupy its place in various skiing resorts across Europe and northern parts of the UK.

Yes friends, it’s an impeccable time to gear up for an adventurous skiing activity. Let your soul set free to glide on snow-covered slopes and hills.

Hey! But in such an excitement don’t forget to ready your waterproof clothing and other accessories, such as hand gloves, neck-wears etc.

If you already have ski clothes and are looking for some maintenance or cleaning, not a problem, we, at Farthings Cambridge, can take a great care of them.

Ski wear cleaning in Cambridge

Clean and fresh ski wears are not only critical to enhance our piste enjoyment but also to make our pictures look great. Ski wears are often expensive, as these are made from special kind of fabric.

Unfortunately, these can’t be washed with ordinary detergent and conditioners. Doing so only adversely affects the fabric by damaging its waterproof/breathable coating.

To protect the warmth and performance of your ski wears, leave them with Farthings Cambridge, which have extensive expertise in this area.

We, at Farthings Cambridge, are specialised in cleaning all kind of ski wears including ski suits, jackets, salopettes, ski pants, ski trousers, thermals, ski base layers, gloves, caps, hats, neck wear etc..

Depending upon the ski wears’ fabric, we adopt the most optimal cleaning procedure and products.

We also provide reproofing for ski wears which makes your ski wears waterproof and resistant to snow.

We do more than cleaning, we also offer repair and alteration services for ski clothes.

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