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Leather clothes cleaning in Cambridge

Leather clothes are something which never go out of fashion. We have a deep and long-lasting affection with our leather clothes.

We don’t want to throw any of our clothes very soon, if they are made up of leather or suede.

Proper maintenance of leather clothes is must for keeping them safe for long time.

leather clothes cleaning in Cambridge

Unlike other clothes we can’t clean them in washing machine at home.

Taking risk of cleaning leather clothes in washing machine at home can shrink, crack and wrap the leather, which will ruin your leather forever.

We can’t easily find leather cleaning products as per the need of our clothes in our supermarkets and stores.

At Farthings Cambridge, we use special cleaning products and conditioning creams for leather clothes that remove stains, dirt and oil from the leather.

Our special leather conditioning cream keeps your leather clothes healthy and soft.

We give full attention to the colour, type of stain and grain of the leather.

Bring your leather clothes to us for proper care and maintenance. Don't wait till the leather or suede is too dirty otherwise it might be too late to restore it.

No matter which kind of leather wears (Leather blazers, leather jackets, leather reversible jackets, leather overcoats, leather skirts and leather coats, leather trousers to suede) you own, you will get a perfect finish.

To keep your leather clothes in good condition Farthings Cambridge, has proficient cleaners for leather clothes and costumes.

We also provide reproofing to your leather clothes to protect them from rain and snow.

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