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Top ten wedding venues in Cambridge

There is a popular proverb “pairs are made in heaven, but marriages are celebrated on the earth”. Marriage is a lifetime commitment to the person we choose to spend the rest of our life. On the wedding day, we take our affection for our soulmate to the next level and announce it to the public.

Top ten wedding venues in Cambridge

For most of us, the wedding day is ‘a dream comes true’ moment and we simply can’t stop ourselves from dreaming about it. It is not surprising that in order to make the marriage experience beautiful and everlasting, to be brides and grooms spend a huge chunk of time to select a wedding venue. The choice of wedding venues is indeed crucial. A wrong choice can totally ruin the fun and the damage would be irreversible, as we don’t get married every day. A few things, such as, capacity, cost, catering, accommodation, distance, weather and decoration, should be taken into the account before selecting a wedding venue. Ideally, a wedding venue should be located at an accessible location, and it should be big enough to accommodate desired number of guests. A good catering service is often appreciated by the guests . The venue should be capable of arranging both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony, as the weather is often unpredictable. The location has to be beautiful, critical for the wedding photographs. To make your life easier, here we are listing some of the most desirable wedding venues in Cambridgeshire. The Cambridgeshire County offers some of the finest wedding venues in the United Kingdom, with choices variegating from pleasant landscaped green lawns to well decorated banquet halls. 1. Barrington Hall- “The ultimate place of Royalty” If you want a gratifying and romantic beginning to your marriage life, Barrington Hall is the place to go for. This place provides a unique and intimate scenery, creating the perfect ambient for the grand ceremony. Its high standard of cleanliness of is unbeatable. A big thank to renowned cleaning company Art of Clean, Cambridge that cleaned and restored the shine of its marble floor. This place has so much to offer to make a wedding truly memorable, and its capabilities can’t be easily matched by any other place. It is truly an ideal place for holding hands of each other. 2. Quy Mill Hotel & Spa, Cambridge- “Marital bliss on awesome location” Quy Mill Hotel is a popular destination for a vibrant wedding celebration. It’s a beautiful venue, offering comfort, magnificence and a pleasant atmosphere along with a riverside view. It has all those things, such as luxury rooms, spa and big gardens, which a guest could wish for. 3. Hotel Felix- “Take a Plunge in a Royal Manner” Hotel Felix is a perfect venue to tie the knot. This place is equipped with pleasant leafy landscaped gardens, cosy space and elegant banquet hall which gives a royal touch to your wedding. The catering service of this place is widely appreciated. 4. Rectory Farm- “An elegant place for destination wedding” Rectory Farm is located near the city, consisting of lovely mature gardens and ample space for the guests. This place offers superior level of services for wedding ceremonies. Rectory Farm exhibits striking landscape views that would remain etched in one’s memory forever.

5. The Garden Barn- “The paradise of lovers” The Garden Barn’s beautiful gardens add zing to your wedding voyage. The Garden Barn has everything to make your wedding ceremony a special day. 6. Longstowe Hall- “A symbol of Royal Prestige” Longstowe Hall has cosy accommodation, beautiful lawns with picturesque locations. It truly offers a place for a romantic wedding in a royal manner. 7. Rosewood Pavilion- “A perfect place for wedding” Rosewood Pavilion offers a chance to live your dream in reality. It is a gorgeous and fully dressed marquee venue. The marquee’s beautiful setting and excellent services make your dream day a reality. 8. Swynford Manor- “Ideal in every season” Lovely beautiful lawns, majestic view and elegant interior make it a perfect place for your dream wedding. At Swynford Manor, you will find everything which is nothing less than the royalty. 9. The Cambridge Belfry- “Tie the knot at traditional and contemporary ambience” Unravelled lakeside location, beautiful courtyards, and pleasant accommodation and much more to make your wedding a most romantic and unforgettable day. 10. Chilford Hall- “Spectacularly Lovely” If you want to make your wedding ceremony a very special event, Chilford Hall is a good option. It is a fantastic venue with landscaped surroundings to transform the wedding ceremony in a cherished event.

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