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Waterproofing for outdoor fabric

So your favourite waterproof jacket has suddenly being letting unwanted rain on to your clothes underneath - instead of beading on the surface - means it is time to reproof your outerwear again.

In the first instance, your jacket would need cleaning. We at Farthings Dry Cleaners can certainly do that for you. It is imperative that it’s cleaned beforehand, otherwise the reproofing won’t work on top of any dirt, mud or food stains. Always check the care label and follow the manufactures instructions.

Finally drying the jacket before moving onto the reproofing stage.

Now all the above stages are complete, it’s time to reproof!

There is different system for reproofing. The most common systems are waterproof spray and waterproof product that will be inserted directly into the washing machine.

At Farthings, we can reproof your outdoor fabric. We usually use waterproof spray.

Please note that we cannot guarantee 100% the re-proofing. We cannot do the same reproofing as the one done at the factory.

If you have any more questions or would like to know if we can reproof any other items, please do not hesitate to get in touch or visit us at Farthings Dry Cleaners Cambridge at 143 Milton Road.



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