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To Starch or Not to Starch my shirts?

To Starch or Not to Starch... This is the question!!

You may or may not be aware of Starch; what it is? More importantly, What it does?

Laundry or clothing starch is a liquid that is processed by combining the Starch from Rice, Corn, Wheat, or Vegetable with water.

So what does Starch do?

The Pros:

It protects the fabric from stains and spills. It extends the life of the item. You can wear the item two or three times before having to return to Farthings Dry cleaners to be treated again.

It gives your shirts/blouses a crisp and clean appearance and makes them so much easier to iron. Your garments are also less likely to crease over the day.

The Cons:

Your garments could feel less smooth against your skin. Over time, the fabric could break down and become frayed around the collars or cuffs.

Starching works best on light shirts rather than darker shirts. If the darker shirts become over-treated, they can acquire a shine that would be impossible to remove.

Starch is most suitable to be used with 100% cotton fabrics. Stay away from using starch if the garment is a poly/cotton blend, as they won't starch well.

The Starch liquid is easy to use. Pop it in the drawer of the washing machine where the Softener would normally go. Then Set the washing machine at your required wash.

Ultimately, it is all down to personal preference. If you are ever unsure don’t forget the Farthings team are always on hand for advice and for all your cleaning needs.

Here at Farthings Dry Cleaners, we will provide the best professional cleaning service for your garments. We would be happy to help you so please come and visit one of our branches. We always follow the manufacturer’s care label instructions and give the best care.

Come and see us at 143 Milton Road in Cambridge (01223 755 180) or 1 Anstey Way in Trumpington (012223 625 310). See you soon!


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