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Leather and suede cleaning

Have you got a lovely leather or suede jacket stored in the back of your wardrobe, damaged from a day out in the rain? Or maybe it has a stain which you’re not sure how best to go about removing.

Unlike your standard items of clothing, caring for your leather and suede garments can be slightly more difficult and special care must be taken to ensure that your garment remains in top condition and is not damaged long term by water, food stains, makeup residue or mould.

• Prevent permanent damage from stains. A small stain that you may not have thought anything of at the time can lead to big consequences for leather/suede items. Leaving stains can cause them to set, leading to permanent damage to the garment. Professional cleaning of your leather/suede garments can help to remove stains and prevent any lasting damage.

• Prevent the need for expensive repairs. If leather/suede items are not cleaned and treated in a timely manner, extra costs may be incurred as the damage increases. Caring for your leather will decrease the need for expensive repairs.

Sometimes it can be tricky at home to restore your leather/suede after water damage, colour fading and stains. When this is the case, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a professional leather cleaner.

At Farthings in Cambridge and Trumpington, we provide a professional leather/suede cleaning service. We strive always to give our customers advice on the best care and your leather items.

Our specialist leather cleaning service will ensure the highest standard of cleaning is applied to your leather/suede garments to remove stains and help restore colour. We also provide restoration options if your leather item is already damaged.

Come and see us at our branches in Cambridge and Trumpington and we will be happy to help with the restoration of your leather and suede jacket.


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