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Know your care labels inside and out

Do you know exactly what the care labels mean inside your garments?

Learning what these symbols mean will keep your favourite garments safe. At Farthings Trumpington the first thing we look at when a customer brings in a garment to be cleaned is the care label. The care label tells us if the garment requires dry cleaning, hand washing, machine washing or specialised dry cleaning.

Some care labels advise that no cleaning is safe for the garment. Make your clothes last longer by learning what these simple labels mean! Of course at Farthings Trumpington we are always happy to help and advise you on which method is the most effective and safest way to clean.

Dry Cleaning

The first symbol, a small circle indicates dry cleaning only is advised.

A circle with letters inside indicates the item needs dry cleaning, the letter tells your dry cleaner which process to use.

Bars/lines underneath the circled letter indicate the level of precaution a dry cleaner must take; more bars indicate a higher level of precaution is advised.

Circle with an X through indicates the garment should not be dry cleaned.


Items can be ironed at any temperature if the care label iron symbol has no dots.

More dots on the iron symbol indicates the temperate of heat that can be applied i.e.

1 dot: Delicates, silk and wool. 2 dots: Synthetics. 3 Dots: Linens and cotton.

If there is a cross over the iron symbol this indicates, you should not iron this item.


If your item has a circle inside a square the item can be tumble dried.

The more dots inside the circle indicates the level of heat that can be used.

If there is a cross over this symbol this indicates, you should not tumble dry this item.

Hand washing

A hand inside a tub indicates hand wash only

A twisted symbol indicates the item can be wrung.

A cross thru the twisted symbol indicates you should not wring the item.


If your care label has a tub symbol it can be washed in the washing machine.

A number on the tub indicates the maximum temperature that can be applied.

Bars underneath the tub indicate a reduction of spinning and rinsing time is required.

If there is a cross over the tub you should not wash the item.

Here at Farthings Dry Cleaners in Cambridge and Trumpington, we are always keen to help you with your laundry and dry cleaning. Come and see us in Cambridge and Trumpington.


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