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How to take care of blackout curtains?

Now we are approaching spring, and days have already been started to be longer. It is time to take out your blackout curtains and refresh them.

Blackout curtains are very helpful during bright summer days. They not only help us in getting proper sleep but also protect our delicate decorative stuff from damage from ultraviolet light, reduce noise from outside and save some money on heating bills.

The blackout curtains are usually made of very thick material, mostly suede, velvet, or felt fabric. And, the blackout lining, made of poly/cotton mix, is coated in an acrylic layer to increase its light-blocking properties.

These fabrics cannot be ironed or bleached. Neither they can be washed as normal washing at home.

If blackout curtains have few stains, then they can be cleaned with spot cleaning with a wet cloth. Otherwise, blackout curtains need special attention.

The "normal" dry cleaning (P) can damage the lining so at Farthings we recommend dry cleaning blackout curtains with petroleum-based solvents, also known as F cleaning.

F cleaning is a softest way of dry cleaning (compared to Perchloroethylene also knows as P clean)so therefore, it is more difficult to remove marks from this type of dry cleaning process.

We Farthings Cambridge or Trumpington take good care of all type of curtains. We can give you the best advice on your blackout curtain cleaning and alteration. You are welcome to come and see us at 143 Milton road in Cambridge and 1 Anstey Way in Trumpington. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01223 755180 for Farthings Cambridge Branch or 01223 625310 for our Farthings Trumpington Branch.


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