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How to measure curtains

Ever went to buy curtains and then got stuck on sizing?

Firstly, decide on what type of curtain you’d like to buy, eyelets or pencil pleats.

Once you’ve decided on the style, you then need to think about the drop on the curtains.

Commonly, most people choose from the following 3 options:

  • Floor Length. Ending 1cm above the floor

  • Below the window sill. By 15cm

  • Just above the window sill. By 1cm.

The choice is entirely down to your personal preference; however you may want to consider the drop if you have a radiator under the window, also if you have pets and want to keep the fabric out of their way.

Then we need to measure the window's width, adding 20cm to each side, so you have enough coverage when closed.

  • EYELET CURTAINS. You measure from the top of the pole down to your desired length.

  • PENCIL PLEAT CURTAINS. You measure from the bottom of the rings hanging on the pole that your curtains will be hung from, down to your desired length.

Never get stuck again with this helpful guide. Remember that the team at Farthings in Cambridge and Trumpington are always at hand to give helpful advice or any other queries concerning household furnishings for cleaning and repairs.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at our Cambridge Farthings 143 Milton road in Cambridge or Trumpington shop 1 Anstey Way in Trumpington alternatively; you can call Cambridge 01223 755180 or Trumpington 01223 625310 or email us info@farthingscambridge or


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