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How to clean a woollen scarf

Winter in Cambridge is at its peak, so it’s time to use our winter accessories like cosy scarf and hat to keep ourselves warm.

After a few wears, our lovely woollen scarfs get grimy and can cause skin problems, especially if you have sensitive skin. To keep our scarves neat and tidy, it is very important to clean them regularly.

Firstly, check the care label instructions and follow them. If it says dry clean only, we should go for a professional in our area to get it cleaned.

In case the care label instruction is recommending it hand washed or machine wash, it can be cleaned at home.

When using a washing machine, make sure you use a mesh laundry bag to avoid any damage. It gives protection to your scarf during cleaning in the machine and stops it tangling with other clothes.

Always wash your scarf at low temperature or wool cleaning setting.

Sometimes adding a spoon full of vinegar is good for your woollen scarf which gives it brightness and softness.

After washing, let your scarf dry on a flat surface or on a hanger.

Never use dryer for drying your scarf. Drying in a tumble dryer can pull your scarf and ruin its shape.

In case you need any other advice on your scarf cleaning, please feel free to contact Farthings Cambridge or Trumpington. We are based at 143 Milton Road, Cambridge or 1 Anstey Way Trumpington. You can also give us a call on 01223 755180 or 01223 625310.


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