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Dress cleaning for May ball

Student life is an unforgettable time in everyone’s life. During this phase of life, we struggle to achieve success and have fun with our friends. Events like May ball makes our students life more exciting.

May ball is a fabulous traditional event celebrated in Cambridge university. It has its own importance for all Cambridge university students.

This traditional May ball celebration was stated in 1830 and since then it has maintained its importance till day. It is celebrated in almost all colleges after final exams before the summer holidays start. It’s proud to attend May ball for every Cambridge university student.

Now exams are almost over and we have reached at the time of this year’s May ball.

It’s time for students to enjoy, a variety of food, alcohol, firework and traditional dance orchestras in the May ball.

May ball celebration not only relaxes mind after exams but also refresh students for the next semester.

For this May ball, we would love to dress up nicely in our favourite attire and why not after all pictures of these celebrations are best memories of our student lives.

Is your ballgown ready for this year’s May ball? If it’s not, you don’t need to worry about. Bring it to us and we will make it to ready for you.

We Farthings Cambridge, have 25 years of experience of cleaning all types of party dresses. We also provide repair and alteration service for all types of garments. Our dry cleaning shop is located on 143 Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 1 XE and 1 Anstey way Trumpington CB2 9JE. 01223 755180 / 01223 625310


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