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How to care for my faux (artificial leather) clothing?

Faux is an artificial fibre. It feels and looks like leather, also known as leatherette, pleather or vegan leather. It is a durable fabric and used as a cheap alternative of leather for making garments, upholstery and shoes. It comes in different colour and texture. It is usually fade-resistant because it doesn’t have any animal product in it.

Although faux garment looks and feels like leather, they have a shorter life span. They are easy to tear and puncture. Also, fake clothes don’t smell like leather.

While cleaning faux leather, garments manufacturer’s care instructions should always be followed. Usually, the best way to clean faux leather is a wipe clean with some soapy water. Before going ahead with cleaning, we should always do a patch test to make sure that the cleaning won’t affect the material. Stain protectant can also be applied to protect clothes from dirt and other stains.

After wiping with soapy water, faux garments can be extremely dry, so using a conditioner is very important. The use of conditioner keeps our faux clothes softer.

Faux leather can also usually be washed safely in the washing machine. The key is to check the manufacturers care label. One exception is that faux leather is sometimes used on a dry-cleaning only garment... And that can be dangerous if the manufacturer did not test the fabric properly. The dry cleaning process can peal or damaged the faux leather during the cleaning process.

At Farthings Cambridge and Trumpington, we provide cleaning service for faux clothes. In case you need any further help and information, please give us a call on 01223 755180 or 01223 625310 or come and see us at 143 Milton Road, Cambridge and 1 Anstey way, Trumpington.


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