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How to take care for a beaded dress

We all love our garments which are decorated with beautiful beads and sequins. We want to keep them in good condition for longer duration.

For keeping such garments in their best condition, proper cleaning and maintenance is very important.

How to care for your beaded dress in Cambridge

The cleaning and maintenance of our dress depend on the type of fabric used and decoration on it. Some dresses are dry cleanable while other are strictly for hand wash.

Sometimes, we find difficulty to find the right procedure of cleaning because of beads and sequins. Especially, if they are attached with the glue. In that case, chances are quite high that dry cleaning can damage the dress.

We should always follow the manufacturer’s care label instructions for cleaning our adorned garments.

We should not take chance of cleaning our delicate and expensive dress at home without professional’s advice. The advice of professional dry cleaner is always recommended to find the best way of cleaning it.

We should select a local professional dry cleaner with good reviews for cleaning our adorned garments.

Different fabric requires different type of cleaning. For some types of fabric spot clean is recommended instead of entire garment. Before cleaning testing of beads and sequins is always a good.

The best way of drying them is gentle squeeze and flat drying. Tumble drying can damage the fabric.

We should only steam iron the garment for perfect finish. We can keep it in steamy bathroom for removing the crease.

At Farthings Cambridge, we look after all types of garments in a proper way.

We provide testing service for sequins and beads before cleaning. We send your precious garments for testing for beads dress before and after that our proficient cleaners select the procedure of cleaning the garment.

After cleaning, we strongly recommend you to keep your embellished garments aired and hanged on a padded hanger or flat in wrapped in acid free tissue paper.

If your garment has some loose beads, we also provide repair service for that.

We are based at Milton Road Cambridge, for your help. Please come and try our services in Cambridge.

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