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How to keep your wedding dress preserved

Our wedding dress is an extraordinary dress which carries a lot of precious memories.

We spend lot of money and time on selecting a beautiful wedding dress. Its unique style and pattern make it perfect.

Usually wedding dresses are made up of delicate fabric and shiny beads, which makes us sparkle on our wedding day.

How to keep your wedding dress

Wedding day is a busy day, so wedding dress gets dirty and stained. We should get our wedding dress cleaned and preserved soon after use to avoid any damage and disappointment.

If we don’t pay attention on preservation of our wedding dress in the beginning, we regret later. We should get our wedding dress cleaned as soon as possible after wearing it.

If we keep our wedding dress for long without cleaning, its fabric starts to become brown and the marks becomes sturdy and difficult to remove.

We should approach to an expert fore advising on our wedding dress. We Farthings Cambridge, are professional dry cleaners and care about your memories and sentiments. We take perfect care of every wedding dress, we take in.

Our skilful cleaners test the beads on wedding dress first and use mild cleaning products on the wedding dresses.

Our expert tailor takeout all the buttons first and sew them back after cleaning to make sure we don’t loose any button during dry cleaning process.

It is always recommended not to store the wedding dress in plastic bag. The plastic bags release harmful fumes which discolorises the dress from different areas.

The proper storage of wedding dress is equally important. We should preserve our beautiful wedding dress in a paper or a box made up of good quality paper.

We provide beautiful handmade boxes for wedding dresses. Our wedding dress boxes are beautifully laced from inside and protected with acid free paper, which protects the dress from flood and even fire. Boxes are available in different designs.

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