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Duvet cleaning service in Cambridge

After a long summer, temperature has started falling down and duvet time is here again. In the cold nights nothing can be more important than a fresh and clean duvet. Clean duvet is required not only for a cosy sleep but also for good health.

Duvet cleaning Cambridge

Duvet remains in contact of our whole body and holds dead skin and sweat. A dirty duvet contains many infectious germs which can cause many disease, therefore it is recommended to clean your duvet once in every three months. Usually, we clean our bedding but often neglect duvets, which is harmful for our health. If you are taking out your stored duvet for winter, it also needs cleaning to get rid off the bad smell of storage and any chance of mould or moth infection. Different types of duvet need different cleaning method based on their material. Some duvets are washable while some are for dry cleaning only. Usually, manufacturing companies clearly mention the washing instructions on the care labels. Even if a duvet is washable, cleaning a duvet at home is a tedious job and almost impossible in our home washing machines. We, Farthings Cambridge offer complete spa for all types of duvet. We strictly follow the care label instructions for cleaning your duvets to avoid any chance of damage. Our professional duvet cleaners use cleaning and drying way to side-step lumps formation. Our experts rinse the 2 – 3 times and do not bleach to avoid any allergic reaction. So, for the coming winter get your duvet cleaned today at Farthings Cambridge!

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