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Why cleaning clothes is important in our life?

The three-basic necessities of life are food, clothes and shelter. Therefore, the importance of clothes cannot be ignored.

Proper care and maintenance of our clothes is very important for healthy living. Neat and clean clothes are gives us a good feel.

Clothes not only cover our body but also improves our personality. Dirty clothes carry many germ and bacteria which can cause infection in our bodies. Dirty clothes make us upset and unhealthy.

cleaning clothes in Cambridge

Different clothes made up of different type of fabric and different fabric needs different type of cleaning and care.

Some clothes require dry cleaning while some needs gentle hand wash. Some of our clothes are meant for F clean only, which means they need cleaning with a special solvent.

Some clothes need just a quick machine wash while some beaded dress demands extra care during cleaning.

We should seek advice of an expert professional dry cleaner for cleaning our expensive and delicate clothes. Only a professional can tell you better about cleaning of your clothes.

We Farthings Cambridge are professional dry cleaners in Cambridge. We are doing all types of dry cleaning, laundry and alteration since last 25 years.

Farthings Cambridge offers best dry cleaning for wedding dresses as well. We also do F cleaning.

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