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How to prevent and remove deodorant stains

Do you tend to go OTT with the deodorant when the weather is hot and later find yourself with streaky, chalky white deodorant stains of your garments?

Read on to learn how to prevent deodorant staining and, how to remove it!

The white residue left on your clothing comes from the deodorant’s antiperspirant properties. Antiperspirants contain aluminium salts which leave a chalky film on the skin which then transfers onto your clothes. This builds up over time and causes set-in stains.

To prevent staining, try applying your deodorant after you have put on your top by applying under the garment. Avoid pulling at the neckline as this will cause stretching. If you apply your deodorant before dressing allows a few minutes for it to dry. You can also consider buying a deodorant that does not contain aluminium salts.

If you have already done the damage, all is not lost! Try the tips below to remove:

· Apply a good stain remover on the garment and agitate with a brush, be careful not to scrub and damage the fabric.

· Place cotton garments in hot water to soak for 30 minutes before washing on the appropriate washing machine cycle.

Dry cleaning and washing your garments regularly will help prevent any build-up on your clothing and keep them fresh and clean. You can always bring them along to us at Farthings Cambridge and farthings Trumpington for a professional clean and press.


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