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What is the difference between dry cleaning and wet cleaning?

difference between dry cleaning and wet cleaning Cambridge

The importance of clothes is no less than of the other necessities in our lives. Our clothes witness both the golden and gloomy moments of our lives. A sensible style of clothing can bring a dramatic change in the way we look, the way we think and even the way that others perceive us.

Indeed, the clothing is an integral part of our life, requiring intense cleaning and great care. We all have a wardrobe consisting of favourite dresses and suits, which we don’t want to lose.

Two methods are widely adopted to clean our clothes: wet cleaning and dry cleaning.

To a greater extent, we are all familiar with the wet cleaning, which utilises water along with a mixture of detergents, conditioners and fragrances to clean our dirty clothes either in a washing machines or in a bucket.

Although the wet cleaning seems to be simple, each one of us often makes common mistakes of using wrong detergent or temperature settings only to regret it later.

Dry cleaning, though a mundane term, is a cleaning method that utilises organic solvents (no water involved) to clean our clothes and thus far handled only by professionals with great care in controlled environments.

Although, the dry cleaning costs are a little higher when compared with that of the wet-cleaning, it reduces the chances of discoloration, shrinkage and distortion of the fabric. It effectively removes grease and tough oil stains, protects the texture and increase the lifespan of clothes.

Both methods are followed by the drying, steaming and/or ironing in order to give them best finishing touch.

Before we choose to dry-clean or wet-clean our clothes, we should familiarise ourselves with its fabric, whether it is made of cotton, synthetic or silk etc thread. This is critical to minimise the possible adverse impact that a cleaning method can have on our clothes, as different cleaning agents react with the fabric differently in different environmental conditions.

It is always worth approaching a professional laundry service in case we are uncertain about the best methods for cleaning our garments. Only a professional can thoroughly examine the fabric and dirt type and suggest an appropriate method of cleaning. Choosing the right method of cleaning is important to get the best outcome.

At Farthings Cambridge, we use highly purified solvents for dry cleaning and high-quality detergents and softeners for the wet cleaning.

Keeping in mind the possible impact of cleaning agents on our environment, our methods make a use of eco-friendly alternatives.

In our facility, the cleaning is performed in a highly efficient manner using specialised modern equipment, further minimising energy usage and impact upon our environment.

We use accurate temperature according to the fabric to avoid the risk of any damage to the fabric.

We are able to take very good care of all of your garments such as silks, woollens, linens, suede, and leather etc..

We are an industry leader in providing prompt and economic laundering and ironing service to our customers for last 25 years.

Give Farthings Cambridge Dry Cleaners a call if you need advise on 01223 755 180

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