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How to fold a shirt?

We all want to use every single inch of our wardrobe and try to fit our clothes in less space. In this case folding of clothes is better idea than hanging.

Some of our clothes can’t be folded such as suits and jackets but folding shirts is better than hanging them up. Folding of shirt makes it easy to carry during travelling.

By folding our shirts, we not only save space in closet but also cut down on wrinkles and ultimately ironing time.

We should fold our shirt just after removing them from the dryer to reduce wrinkles and after ironing.

How to fold a shirt

Folding a shirt is a very simple and quick process. All we need is a flat surface.

We need to follow, the below mentioned procedure:

Lay the shirt flat with the collar facing at your right and close all the buttons. Fully buttoning ensures wrinkle free fold.

Draw an imaginary line with your hand from the top shoulder to the bottom and fold it to the back. Fold the sleeve horizontally, in such a way that the cuffs cross over the middle of the back. Fold the other sleeve in the same way. This will give a broad V shape with the collar.

Fold it in half of its length so the hem edge will be beneath the bottom of the collar. Flip the folded shirt over and store it in your wardrobe.

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