Leather handbag cleaning in Cambridge

A beautiful leather handbag is a favourite accessory for all ladies.

Leather handbag is a luxury and makes us stand out from the crowd.

We all spend a lot of money to buy a durable leather hand bag. We all want a long life of our favourite accessory.

The way we clean our leather hand bag decides its life. For better value of our money, we need to take good care of it.

The things which we keep in our handbag can spill inside our bag like makeup items and ink from your pen etc. As a result, our beloved leather handbag becomes dirty from inside.

In addition, outer surface of our handbag always exposed to toilet floors, restaurant counters and public transportation etc., from where they catch harmful bacteria.

These bacteria can spread to our clothes and body as well.

We, Farthings Cambridge, knows the value of your leather handbag and your emotions attached to that.

We have teamed up with UK’s best handbag cleaning and restoration service, who are expert in handbag cleaning and restoration.

We use special antibacterial cleansers for leather handbags which kills 99.0 percent of common bacteria.

We take very good care of all types of leather like lambskin, ostrich leather etc.

We give complete treatment to handbags including interior cleaning, colour correction, re-edging and repair as needed.

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